Love and Creation

18 Oct

Nothing survives in time, nor thought, no word, no deed unless it is aligned with that which the universe, in all truth is creating and that is Love. Though we are given the free will to entrap ourselves in places other than love...we are time called back to the truth, to Love.

Time though from certain aspects of the universe operate differently from within space. In other words time and space are not necessarily synonymous with each other. 

By this I mean that our free will and the consequences of that, can seem to go on forever creating the suffering in our lives and in others that naturally arises from any movement away from the true nature of the universe, of what it is creating...Love.

In the end though we are always left, returned to the collective truth of it, no matter how far we have wandered. So take heart, in fact take all the heart there is and hold to truth, hold fast to Love for it forever in creation holds fast to Love with you. Nigel Lott