501 (C) 3 Non Profit Registered Charity

" Essentially there isn't anything I teach, offer that you do not already know, deep within your own being. My work is to assist you in uncovering that which is already there within you. To bring out of my own work on myself and to offer that movement toward truth, for the benefit of others. That they may awaken to their own sense of equanimity born out of their hearts longing for peace and discovering the one true nature that is in us all, and has been all along." Nigel Lott.

 Researching, developing and teaching psychological, emotional, somatic and spiritual approaches to personal and interpersonal growth, to healing suffering in all its forms, with inter-disciplinary tools and practices, in homage to the one love we all share wherever the need be found. Practicing loving kindness with respect and dignity for all life and the planet, coaching....the art of surrender and the alchemy of transcendence.

* To support the cultivation of higher levels of consciousness in mind, body and spirit.

*To educate as many as possible through personal instruction and sessions, written materials, classes and trainings, and other means of media the importance and methods of these effective healing practices and techniques. 

* To uphold and practice loving kindness, with respect and dignity for all life and the planet. 

* To support research, charitable projects, and works that are in service to the relief of suffering.

"Remember the infinite possibilities that are born of knowing that all love surrounds you, lives within you and that all life is so very, very precious, there is not a moment to lose. To love now all that you can, surrender to its power to the heart of it, and know that in the beginning, as in the end it is all that is or ever was or ever will be.