There is a wound, a deep sense of separation that occurs at the moment of a human birth. Though ultimately an illusion, perhaps we could say our greatest illusion... we all suffer from it, underpinning as it does all our relationships, our life from that very first breath taken. It is the utterly profound believe that in the process of becoming human we forget that we are of one with spirit, of love, of God....we think we have become separated from all creation, cast adrift, to fend for ourselves. This is the root cause of suffering in all humans in all life forms, this is where it begins.

From the outset this sets up a longing, an ache and yearning to be re-connected again with the source of our core nature, with our higher self, which we have come to believe has gone missing in action, that we are no longer a part of. Life experiences further deepen that travail, that suffering, forming patterns of behavior that we label our anger, fear and grief. All anger and fear are moments when we are thinking ourselves separate from God, no matter what the trigger or cause. When we are in anger and fear we are having a grief moment when we are being reminded of the illusion that we are not connected to God, an illusion that appears at times oh so real. 

And we go through life looking for connection, not believing for a second its within us, but driven by an innate yearning for the truth we look here there and anywhere but where it is. Jaladin Rumi has a wonderful way of describing this "I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they’re in each other all along." You see love neither comes nor goes, it is the one abiding truth always and forever present, it is on every breath we take and it is there when breath we take no more.

When we say we are falling in love with ........... that love is coming from within us, mirrored, reflected in the loving gaze of another being. Their light and love is shining literally on your true nature, calling forth that which has always been there, within you.  Falling in love is the unfolding, opening to the truth that has always been within you. Yet when the other being is no longer in our life, for one reason or another, we think the love went away with them, and it didn't, it, you understand simply cannot go anywhere, it is who we all are forever and always......that love, call it God or the Divine is always present.  

Brought forth though in this process of opening to love and truth are the mistaken believes created by our wounding, our trauma, manifested in our anger, fear, our grief.....often of a lifetime, all the places within us when we had come to believe love was not present in our lives, that it had gone away, such was our suffering and travail.