07 Jan

The patterns, dynamics and laws that govern us in our lives, that interweave between our thinking mind and the hearts wisdom… apply as much collectively as they do individually. When we talk about individual consciousness it is as part of a whole that is embedded within humanity….of which, we are but a tiny part. To accept and understand that each of us has a profound effect on the energy of our world and in the universe as a whole, in its polarity between light and dark and, how much of each becomes manifest in any given moment. We are responsible for how much light is in our world, or of how much darkness.

It is the purview of each of us then to find the truth within the realms of our own heart and to discover the one love that binds us together there, yet in doing so sets us all free and, to share with each other our stories of the light found there, beyond the darkness. To help each other through our own work on ourselves, on our alignment with the will of the universe, this great mystery shrouded always in love, and to share this outward with humility and grace to all sentient beings everywhere.  Nigel Lott.   sageandmentor.org