16 Apr

There are many of us who, after a fundamental change that brings a sense of wisdom and love, a deep perception of truth and understanding..... we wish in some melancholy way, that this wisdom that we are now experiencing......this insight, could have happened all those years ago...back then. "I wish I knew this back then we say"

But we can't know something until it has been given us to know, wrapped in the tapestry of all our destinies in this lifetime....call it God's timing, the Universe or Cosmos... if you will but there it is. And we did the best we could do back then......we always do....sure we think we could have done better...but.could we have...really?

This does not defer the responsibilities of our actions, part of the awakening the change has brought about has required our apologies and forgiveness....we make amends...we forgive others and ourselves....and we go on opening to truth....surrendering to the infinite possibilities that are born of knowing that all love surrounds us, lives within us and that all life is so very, very precious, there is not a moment to lose. 

To love now all that we can, surrendering to its power, to the heart of it, and know that in the beginning, as in the end it is “all that is or ever was or ever will be."
Nigel Lott sageandmentor.org