27 Aug
Though there be many hearts there is only one love, and that love makes no judgements, it has no matter what, no matter what.
This great all its God and Spirit runs through all forms of life and I will tell you is present even in death. It is on every breath you take. It knows nothing but love, but kindness, but compassion, but grace for every aspect on this good Earth and beyond.
To think that it only exists here and there, in this person or that person depending on the color of their skin is bereft of all wisdom, driven by a knowledge that does not exist in reality in any universe, in any pocket of creation, in any form that comes close to truth. It is a gross misunderstanding of who you and other are...The simple truth is there is no other....just one love.❤️ Nigel Lott
You, all of you, of us ......are the letter written by God, you, we are the mirror that reflects the divine, seek inside for all you want is all you are, there is nothing above or beyond. Jalladin Rumi.