05 May

”We are all mirrors for truth and love with each other . However we are also a mirror for suffering, those places were we believe love went away and never came back, our anger, fear ultimately our grief. It is of course the people we most loved whom we have pushed away, those closest to us mirroring our deepest suffering. We are all sharing truth and love at some level with each other all day long and, in doing so we open to the suffering in ours lives. Every step toward connection with another sentient being will always bring up that which thought itself seperated, the anger, fear and grief of our lives. Its coming up for a healing, however most of us don't know that and even if we did, how the hell do we navigate back toward the love, that never left, but we think it did.......there is a way through to deepen our awareness of this process and use the suffering as an opportunity to deepen our awareness of love, of truth in ourselves and others.