Paul Richards, Ashland, Oregon USA:Spiritual Mentor

"Nigel has a quality that makes him both memorable and engenders respect and is, among the people I have met the easiest to remember, to feel connected to. He has a vivid personality that stays with those who meet him. He has a remarkable voice that conveys extraordinary personal qualities and among those qualities and, why he is so memorable he has a lot of heart. He has moved through lengthy, complex levels of profound suffering and is seen to continually re-invent new resources, new ways to make choices in his healing process. He has a lot of creativity, a lot of endurance and strength and yes a tremendous heart to him."

Denise McLaughlin, Seattle, Washington USA:Student

"Nigel brings a sense of peace and love with his teachings, there is an energy conveyed in his voice that comes with his presence that brings a profound sense of comfort and safety, a testament to his own suffering and its transcendence.

Paul Richards:The Sente Center

"Nigel is an example of far reaching change. His transformation and knowledge come out of original experience and the equanimity that he now exhibits. Among all the people that I have known, Nigel has traveled the furthest. He has a way of framing internally as his language implies and, defines the terms of the larger mechanism that governs everyones lives, every intelligence, and the larger growing understanding and mapping of what the universe is creating."

Robert Taylor London, UK:Brother-in-Arms

"Nigel has come a long way, and beaten a path for others to follow; they are his achievement."

Chama Anderson, Orcas Island, Washington USA":Colleague

"Nigel offers his personal journey, a chronicle of healing which has taken tremendous courage, vulnerability, strength, intelligence, steadfast willingness and love, awareness and a developed unwavering relationship with the belief that even in our darkest hour, the innate power of love can heal all wounds."

Brian Livingstone, USA:Student

"Nigel's decisions in life have created such an amazing ripple in this world. Not only has he made such an amazing impact in my life, but countless others as well"

Aarav Chadha:

Nigel, you have displayed a way of being from the beginning of consistent dedication of practice and desire to find the love within you with your calm ease and confidence of knowing and truthful, humble offering of your heart. I feel such deep gratitude for you.